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Charlie N
Very Helpful I have been working with Sarah for about a year. She has been extremely helpful. I'm 51 yrs old and play a lot of golf, which can be a problem in it's self; however I have a fairly serious case of scoliosis, which could have (or probably should have) made golf impossible. I've seen many specialists with different approaches, but none with a lot of sustained success. Then I met Sarah. She has managed to take my jigsaw puzzle of a body and quickly figure out how it works and how to keep it working, allowing me to continue golfing...a lot! Obviously, her background/training is extensive and her knowledge runs very deep, yet she she continues to work hard and pursue more on regular basis, which I find impressive. As an added bonus, she's also a real nice person and great to be around. Go Sarah!!
Terri H
My life is better since I met Sarah Sarah continues to amaze me in the way that she uses multiple methods to find the root cause of my aches and pains. She encourages me to take an active role and has taught me simple exercises for home that have done wonders to minimize my discomfort. Unintended benefits include better posture and a flatter abdomen - without sit-ups! Sarah gets my highest compliments and respect.
Jon W
Extremely Intuitive Body Worker When I started working with Sarah, I was in pretty sorry shape. Having been quite athletic most of my life, I was coming off two years of intense inactivity, with some periods of being bedridden, due to health problems. I could neither sit nor stand nor move without significant pain. Since one is usually sitting or standing or moving, I was dogged by quite a lot of pain, most of the time throughout my day. I was unsure what I could even do for a living that wouldn't exacerbate this pain, and I didn't feel that I had many options. Sarah had a unique way of sizing me up as a patient and it felt at times as though she was using a "sixth sense" to evaluate my needs. Her method of working on me was equally intuitive. She might re-position a vertebra here, loosen up some abdominal tissue there, get a foot moving properly, and, after only a few sessions, my physical condition was feeling much improved and was walking miles at speed again, and the pain was gone! There was an incremental process toward better and better physical function, and, after some months of working together on and off, I was diving off the high dive, paddleboarding, and going surfing again! Part of what worked was not just Sarah's incredible skill as a diagnostician and practitioner, but also the way she was in my corner as an advocate for my recovery. It was clear that she really cared about me getting better and at times the conversations we had resembled what I might have with a therapist. The process of healing physically also entailed some emotional and spiritual work for me, and Sarah was right there with me, even doing some remarkably deep energy work and holding space with me to help me process the things that energy work brought forward. All in all I would have to say Sarah is a healer through and through, and if you and she get along the way she and I have, I am quite sure you will see dramatic improvement in your condition physically and possibly emotionally and spiritually as well, and you will enjoy the journey!
Christina R
Sara is amazing! I've come to Sara with very specific and painful issues due to weightlifting habitually and she has been like a magician with each visit. And not only is she probably one of the most skilled and knowledgeable people I've met, she really makes you feel more like a friend than just s patient/client. I really look forward to my appointments with Sara!
Maria S
Beyond excellence I have had massage with Sarah regularly to treat my chronic back and shoulder pain. Her complex approach not only helped me to reduce the pain but also taught me to take care of myself in case on inflammation. During her session I was able to relax deeply in my thought and it had long lasting effect as well. She is a marvel and a true healer.
Hilery A
Sarah is at the top of her field! Sarah's commitment to her ongoing education and results in her clients is unprecedented. I have experienced significant increase in range of motion and decreased muscle tension. She is warm and nurturing. I enjoy my sessions and feel differences in my body immediately. I couldn't offer a higher recommendation.
dionne m
Amazing Sarah is so gifted. She helps ones body from head to toe. She will help anyone to be in the best health and performance.
Jim T
My Thai massage with Sarah Sarah is a truly a multifaceted therapist who takes the best of several massage disciplines and uses them to the benefit of her clients. She has a great "mat-side manner" which to me means that she is available for adjustments and variation on technique, but knows how to give her students their own space to go deep. Her manner, focused attention and voice was very soothing. I can see why Sarah is a popular therapist. Her athleticism in delivering a great Thai massage will have me returning as soon as Sarah's schedule permits
nuzhat a
The best I consider myself fortunate to have discovered Sarah; she is such a gifted person. She is passionate about her work and that is why she is so good at it.
Amazing! Sarah is a amazing. I've been getting massages for years now all over the country and Sarah is very special. Hands down the most dialed in spiritual healer I've had the pleasure of knowing. One massage and you will understand.
So good. I'm a complicated client with a disease that causes a lot of skin and fascial scarring and thickening and nerve and muscle dysfunction. Sarah's massages have always left me feeling more mobile, and when she has targeted specific areas of pain or tightness, has made huge improvements where many other providers and therapies have failed. Of particular note, I have swallowing and reflux problems that prevent me from ever lying down and her neuro-fascial work improved this issue overnight that doctors have said nothing can be done for. Also, her straight up feel-good massage is darn good too. Enjoy! You won't be disappointed.
Chris S
So much more than just a massage Sarah is talented, energetic, and focused. She leaves you feeling great.
Jeff G
One Thing Leads to Another I received a massage package to SaTaNaMa Healing Arts as a birthday gift through Amazon. I was new to massage therapy, wasn't sure what benefits to expect and a little unsure how comfortable I would be with the experience. I've now been going to Sarah for over a year and find myself looking forward to every next scheduled visit. Sarah is skilled in her art, willing to share her knowledge on well being and professional in her approach to massage. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about my body mechanics and health and with her positive energy and encouragement have started a journey to a healthier lifestyle........ best of all, it's without the chronic lower back/ hip pain I thought would never go away. Thank you Sarah
Jason C
FAR AND AWAY THE BEST MASSAGE!!! I've been going to Sarah for massage therapy for over a year now and she provides a fantastic massage, second to none. She’s extremely skilled in many different types of massage and customizes each appointment based on my needs. During each massage she’s able to pinpoint problem areas that I didn’t realize existed. My only wish is that my schedule would allow for more regular appointments.
Patty L
Spot on intuition and extensive knowledge I receive excellent care from Sarah, which is why I've been going to her for years. I like her mix of relaxing/ get deep and work it out method on me. Post-massage she makes recommendations on what I can/should do between visits to help my body. I highly recommend her.
Joan E
Appropriate name for this treatment of massage, meditation, peace and strength Deep tissue massage releasing tension, healing touch, creating feeling of peace and restoring energy. Use of essential oils and sound completes feeling of love and transformation.
Linda D
The name fits both the practice and the practioner. Sarah is a wondrous healer. The time spent getting a massage from Sarah not only restores my body, it restores my inner peace and preception. I am grateful to have found her and love the way my whole mind, body and spirit feels after one of our sessions.
Pat S
A pleasant surprize. My wife recommended that I see Sarah. She had been an LMP for years but has recently changed medical professions and I wasn't sure that I could find someone else as skilled and intuitive as I had become used to. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sarah had a similar proficiency, expertise and approach. She's definitely found her calling, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to a friend. I am a repeat client and look forward to my next appointment.
Sri K
Rejuenated every time! I have been using Sarah's phenomenal services for almost 6 months. Sarah is a thorough professional and is committed to understand your issue and do her best to help. I always feel rejuvenated after her session. Her 2 hour sessions are the best.
Jeff S
Highest Recommendation After going through physical therapy and still suffering from back and shoulder pain, I heard of Sarah and went to her for therapeutic massage. After working on some problem area in my scapular, neck and rotator cuff areas, she has totally transformed me. She identified that my pain was not caused by any tears, but rather was caused by tight muscles and facsia which were impinging nerves and causing my problems. Through deep tissue massage and range-of-motion stretching, I feel amazingly better. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough! She has a vast knowledge of the anatomy and massage techniques, and for me, is a miracle worker.
Sam G
Ultimate Relaxtion By far the best massage ever! I have seen Sarah more than once and every time I love it. Her ability to combine meditation and massage is truly healing. Sarah has an incredible sense of the body and is able to apply her knowledge and experience to each massage. This is truly massage at it's best. Sarah is an extraordinary women and healer. The most beautiful part is that you can tell that she loves what she does. I always have my next session booked.
David Benoff
Beneficial For Both My Body and Soul Any massage practitioner can apply oil artfully. What sets Sarah apart from other LMPs is her exceptional ability to deeply attune to her client's needs moment by moment as a session unfolds, whether she is skillfully and sensitively engaging an individual muscle with a therapeutic intent or cultivating an experience of blissful whole body relaxation. My body and soul always shine more brightly after our sessions and for that I am deeply grateful.
Sue T
Incredible Therapeutic Massage! Sarah is a natural healer! I highly recommend her for anyone.
Mark B
A gifted practitioner - heart and healing! I've been to many, many massage therapists over the years to help with muscle aches, arthritis, hip opening, circulation...with deep tissue, Soma, and dozens of styles. What I really loved about Sarah's work is that the fist thing she does is connect....through her touch. There is a natural warmth and soothing/nurturing essence to her touch, which is so important to granting access to deeper tissue/ligament/fascia that need work. It is rare that I have been so connected to the massage practitioner throughout the entire session. For the first time, I played to rounds of golf in one day (after my massage yesterday), and don't feel crippled from my arthritis. Sarah has a natural intuition, explores and discover with her hands and heart, and really delivers a healing and rejuvinating massage. I can't wait for my next session, and am very excited about getting my wife get to experience Sarah's work as well.
Wally C.
Life is stressful. Sarah can make it less so. Sarah saved me. Suffering from a chronically painful shoulder I had seen a number of LMTs and chiropractors. All to no avail. Then I found Sarah. Magic? Miracle? No matter, it worked. She figured it out. I'm a believer. She is fabulous. There's no one like her. I have been seeing her for nearly a year now. On some occasions it's a deep tissue massage for a localized issue, other times it's a sports massage for achy legs and yet other times it's a Swedish relaxation massage for a float-away two-hour vacation. She's great at customizing each massage for that day's need. Sarah is totally into her profession. She loves her work. With Sarah I know I'm in expert hands. As an added bonus, you couldn't find a nicer person to spend a couple of hours with.
Chris J
Sarah is a gifted healer and a real professional. Not only does she have skilled hands and a great touch, she's inventive, smart, and a good communicator. Highly recommended.
Sarah is THE BEST Absolutely hands-down the best massage on the Eastside, if not the world. I come in feeling tense and stressed and in pain, and I sort of float out of there. Sarah has no limits about what she will do to fix whatever she finds.
Sarah Is Tops I would have to go to the Oregon Coast to my previously favorite spa to get a massage that would come close to the quality of the massage I received from Sarah today. Thanks so much and see you soon.
Consistently fabulous! Sarah always provides a top notch massage, from deep tissue for sports injuries to more spiritually-oriented energy work. She always adjusts to what I need, in the moment. I'm lucky to have found her!
Jennifer B
Very in tune massage I am very grateful to be one of Sarah's clients. Some massages I've had in the past either had too much pressure or not enough. Sarah has an amazing touch that is more pressure in some areas and lighter in others. She is quite in tune with the body to get those queues vs having verbalize that I'd like more/less pressure in a certain area. I highly recommend Sarah!